Stef's 30th Birthday Dinner Celebration

An intimate and beautiful custom-made black & gold vintage-inspired dinner theme, decorated by Customates. Dress code was vintage and "Gatsby" as well. Throw in some colorful marker pens, a cute baby, candles, wine, and you have a recipe for a laughter-filled evening ! My personal favourite moment was when the girl's surprised the birthday girl, Stef by stuffing the entire room with a headshot of her favorite K-pop artist, TOP. Of course as the photographer, I had to "confiscate" the heads momentarily afterwards so that it won't pop up in all the photos of the night ;) As it was a small intimate venue, and there were no plans for a Photo Booth to go along with this vintage-gatsby-theme, I brought along a small softbox and got them to pose for some portraits before we called it a night.

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