Customates Promo Video

Shot in conjunction with Kim's 29th Birthday Party, a short Promotional Video for Customates. Customates are event decors based in Penang, Malaysia. They design and hand-make everything to-order, from party gift bags to the venue decorations. If you have an event that you'd like to have a custom theme for, I highly recommend them.

A Visit to Countryside Stables Penang

My wife loves horses. Wait...that's an understatement. She LOVES horses. Ever since she was a young kid. She not only enjoys riding, but also has a lot of books on horses. Name of breeds, country of origin, biology, anatomy, behaviour, competitions, you name it

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Kimmie's 29th Birthday

Photos from Kim's birthday event ! Kim is one of the members of Customates (Sounds like a K-pop girl band, doesn't it?!), event decors based in Penang.  When these girls party, you'd wanna be there. It's usually colourful, and full of laughter and craziness.